Bamboo Release v22.12.13.1 (December 13, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Products
    • Now parent and children brands have to be of the same organization
    • Fixed a bug in attribute groups in which the user was able to remove all terms
    • Added the ability to link a brand to a Trace license
    • Now Made to Order products are only associated to templates
    • Added the ability for a term to be added to one or more attribute groups within the attribute
    • Implemented several improvements in the Add Products modal and Product Details Page


  • CCRS
    • Implemented the Inventory Adjustments CSV report file and upload to CCRS
  • Transfer Manifests
    • Fixed a bug while publishing a manifest that didn't allow the user to publish it correctly
    • Fixed a bug in which sometimes the category of an end product wasn't shown in the manifest details page
    • Added the ability to download the manifest of a transfer manifest
    • Added the ability to download the invoice of a transfer manifest
    • Added the ability to reopen a cancelled manifest
    • Implemented the declaration of a transfer manifest to CCRS (webform + captcha)
    • Implemented the JSON link generation
  • Inventory
    • Now inventory lots are sent to the Disposal module if they're destroyed