Mass Update Standalone Products Package Configuration

A Standalone product is a product that is added without using a template.  All products are available in two different package configurations, Off the Shelf, and Made to Order.  An Off the Shelf product is a product that is in inventory by individual units and is packaged and ready to be sold as is.  A Made to Order product is a product that is in inventory by weight and is packaged only after the order has been confirmed for that product. 

Only the package configuration for multiple standalone, traceable products can be mass updated, the package configuration for template products cannot be mass updated.


Mass update the package configuration for standalone products

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Sales sidebar and click Products.
  2. Click the Filter and select the filters for the products to mass update.

    If no filters are selected, all products will be displayed on the Products page. It is important that Standalone is selected in the filter's Belongs To field because only the package configuration for Standalone (non-template) products can be mass-updated.

  3. Select the boxes of the products to mass update.

    Check the Bamboo ID box to select all products after filters have been applied. 

  4. Click Actions.
  5. Select Modify Package Configuration.     
    • The Modify Package Configuration pop-up window will open.                                                        Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_1.58.31_PM.png
  6. Select Made to Order (Weight) or Off the Shelf (Units).                            Screenshot_2022-12-12_at_1.43.24_PM.png
  7. Click Confirm to apply the selected package configuration to the selected products.