Clone a Template Product

A template product is a product that was added with the use of a template.  Cloning a template product is an efficient way of creating a new template product by copying and editing an existing template product. 

When cloning a template product, the cloned product will belong to the same template as the existing product and will automatically inherit the existing product's Template, Attribute Group, Name, Brand, Category, and Package Configuration.  Only one template product can be cloned at a time and a cloned template product cannot have the same SKU as the existing product.



Clone a template product

    1. Go to the Products menu in the Sales sidebar and click Products.
    2. Click the search icon and type the name of the template product to clone.
    3. Click the product's  3 dot menu and select Clone.   
      • The Clone Product pop-up window will open.                                  Screenshot_2022-12-08_at_3.16.54_PM.png
    4. Click Upload to add an image for the new product, then click Save to save the uploaded image.

      The default image will be the original product's image.

    5. Click each attribute's drop-down in the Attribute Value section and select the product's attribute values.    

      The original product's attribute values will be the default selection.  The same attribute values of an existing product from the same template cannot be cloned.  If you try to save a cloned product with the same attribute values as an existing product from the same template you will receive an error message.

    6. Type the product's pieces and price in the Pieces and Price fields.

      The original product's number of Pieces and Price will be the default selection.

    7. Click Clone to save the product.
      • The product will appear on the Products page and on the Products tab of the original product's template.