Create a Link Campaign

Campaigns are required to send Offers to your accounts and give them access to your live Offer Menu to place orders.  A Link Campaign generates Offer Links that can be sent to your accounts using the method of your choice to give them immediate access to the live Offer Menu. 



Create a link campaign

  1. Go to the Offers menu in the Sales sidebar and click Campaigns.
  2. Click Add.
    • The Add Campaign pop-up window will open.
  3. Type a name for the link campaign in the Campaign Name field.                                                       Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.06.32_PM.png
  4. Click the Offer Selection drop-down and select the offer to send in the campaign.                       Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.06.32_PM.png
  5. Select Link as the campaign channel.                                             Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.06.41_PM.png
  6. Click the Start Date field in the Campaign Period section and select the campaign's start and end date.                                                    Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.06.54_PM.png
  7. Click the Time Zone drop-down and select the time zone to apply to the campaign.                    Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.07.01_PM.png
  8. Click Confirm to create the campaign and go to the campaign detail page to add Recipients and generate Offer Menu links.
  9. Click Add in the Recipients section to add campaign recipients.                                               Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.19.13_PM.png
  10. Click the Choose Recipient Type drop-down and select the recipient type from which to add recipients.                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.20.31_PM.png
  11. Click the Choose Recipients drop-down and select the recipients to add.         Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.21.33_PM.png
  12. Click Confirm to add the selected recipients.
  13. Click Generate Links to generate a unique offer menu link for each of the added recipients.           Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.20.01_PM.png
  14. Click Submit to confirm generating Offer Menu links.
    • You will be taken to the Ordered tab on the campaign detail page.   
  15. Click the Not Ordered tab to access each client's unique offer menu link in the Offer Url column.
    • Links can be sent using the method of your choice.  When clients click their unique link they will instantly be taken to the Offer Menu and can begin placing orders.  Accounts that have submitted orders after using their link will appear on the Ordered tab and all submitted orders will appear on the Orders page.                   Screenshot_2023-01-20_at_9.38.35_AM.png