Duplicate a Campaign

To quickly create a new campaign, an existing campaign can be duplicated and edited as needed. 

When a campaign is duplicated, all of the details of the existing campaign will be copied to the new campaign, with the exception of the Campaign Name and Campaign Period.  You can choose to keep the original campaign's Offer Selection or select a different offer for the new campaign.



Duplicate a campaign

  1. Go to the Offers menu in the Sales sidebar and click Campaigns.
  2. Click the search icon and type the name of the campaign to duplicate.
  3. Click the campaign's 3 dot menu and select Duplicate
    • The Duplicate Campaign pop-up window will open.                                  Screenshot_2023-03-15_at_9.15.26_AM.png
  4. Type a name for the campaign in the New Campaign Name field.                                                     Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_3.23.14_PM.png
  5. Click the Offer Selection drop-down and select an offer to apply to the campaign.

    The offer selected for the existing campaign will automatically be selected and can be changed.

  6. Click the Start Date field in the Campaign Period section and select the campaign start and end dates.                                                        Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_3.25.49_PM.png
  7. Click Duplicate to save the duplicated campaign.
    • You will be taken to the campaign detail page to edit the campaign details as needed before sending it.