Add a Payment Method

Users with permission to access billing details can add and update payment methods.


To add a payment method

  1. From the Portal sidebar, go to the Billing menu and click Payment Methods.
  2. Click Add.                                                                                                                Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_5.12.43_PM.png
  3. Type the name of the payment method owner in the Name field.                                                        Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_4.59.46_PM.png
  4. Type an optional address for the payment method.                                                       Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_5.15.40_PM.png
  5. Type the credit card number in the Credit Card Number field.
  6. Type the credit card's expiration date in the Expires field.
  7. Type the credit card's verification code in the CVC Code field.                                                  
  8. To assign the credit card as the default billing method, check the Save as default billing method box.                                                            Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_5.06.14_PM.png
  9. Click Save to save the payment method.