Generate Product Combinations (Adding Terms to Product Attributes to Generate New Products)

The most efficient method for bulk adding products in Bamboo is to utilize Templates once Categories have been created.

We recommend generating one Template for each Category to maintain clean and organized data.

Category: Flower

Template: Flower

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Helpful Tip:
It is recommended for each category to have a minimum of two Product Attributes. While not mandatory, this is typically the practice. The most common product attributes for each category are Strains and Weights.

For each respective Category, the ideal setup is to have a 1:1 relationship between the Category and Template. However, this may not always align with the norm and is contingent on your company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


To efficiently add a product or multiple products to an existing Category, add the desired term(s) to the Product Attributes comprising the Category.

For instance, if you wish to include additional strains or weights to the Category, locate the Product Attributes that make up the Category and append the new terms to those Product Attributes.

Once completed, navigate back to that Category, click on the kebab menu (three dots on the right side of your screen in the Categories module), and choose "Generate Product Combinations." Proceed to confirm the creation of new product(s) for that Category.


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If you prefer not to include the product(s) in the respective Category and Template, you have the option to add the product manually.

It's important to note that adding the product manually implies that the product will be associated with the Category but won't be included at the Template level. Consequently, any modifications made in the Template for that specific category of products will not impact those manually created through manual Product creation.


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