Create a New Attribute Group when Removing Attributes from an Existing Attribute Group

A new attribute group can be quickly created by removing an attribute from an existing attribute group. This saves time when creating a new attribute group without affecting the existing attribute group or any of its related templates.


Create an attribute group when removing attributes from an existing group

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Sales sidebar and click Attributes.
    • You will be taken to the Attributes page.
  2. Click the Attribute Groups tab.                                                                                                        AG_tab..png     
  3. Click the Search icon and type the name of the attribute group.                                                        search.png
  4. Click the attribute group's Bamboo ID.                                                                                                  bamboo_id.png
    • The Edit Attribute Group pop-up window will open.                     
  5. Click Edit Terms.                                                                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2022-11-01_at_4.21.00_PM.png
  6. Uncheck the attribute to remove from the attribute group.                                                                Screen_Shot_2022-11-01_at_7.56.14_PM.png
  7. Click Save.
  8. Type a new Attribute Group Name.                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2022-11-01_at_7.09.14_PM.png
  9. Click Confirm to save the new attribute group.

The new attribute group will exclude the attribute(s) that was removed from the original attribute group and consist of the remaining attributes from the original attribute group.