Bamboo Release v22.10.18.1 (October 18, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Products
    • Fixed a bug while generating the SKU for new products
    • Added the ability to generate products quicker if an attribute term is added to an attribute group belonging to one or more templates
  • Campaigns
    • Fixed a bug in which cancelled campaigns weren't able to be deleted
    • Added an "Email(s)" column on the Ordered and Not Ordered tabs to see the email addresses that have received the offer menu
    • Added the scheduled time of email delivery on the campaign's details page
    • Added the ability to extend the period of an active campaign
  • Offer Menu
    • Implemented several mobile responsiveness improvements for the offer menu


  • CCRS
    • Implemented and refactored the CSV file generator
    • Updated the CSV SubmittedBy, CreatedBy and UpdatedBy fields 
  • Inventory
    • Fixed a bug when switching between different UOMs while holding/unholding inventory
    • Fixed a bug which assigned a different state category for a lot
  • QA samples
    • Implemented the Bamboo ID for QA samples
  • Rooms
    • Implemented the Bamboo ID for Rooms